Kip is not your typical mental health clinic. We work tirelessly to do away with the stereotypes surrounding therapy that often hinder people from seeking help in the first place. We value a quick turnaround after the initial phone screening so that your first session may be as soon as within a few days - instead of waiting months when you feel bad now. We ensure that our clinicians have manageable caseloads so that they can focus on your needs, and our team meets weekly to evaluate progress with all of our clients.

Founded in 2013, Kip’s mission is guided by three main principles:

  • Provide affordable yet high quality psychotherapy services to the community

  • Provide training, education, and supervision for emerging psychotherapists

  • Make important contributions to the psychotherapy field by generating new knowledge about the psychotherapeutic process and its effectiveness

The core of Kip’s philosophy - the value of the therapeutic relationship in achieving clinical success - is reflected in our mission to describe, measure, and evaluate the therapeutic relationship in our practice, training, and research.

Our training program – which includes the Pathway to Licensure program and internships for graduate students – was developed specifically in response to graduate students’ demand for solid training and practical experience in becoming a psychotherapist. Kip is able to provide low-cost services in part because our talented, emerging practitioners dedicate themselves to work tirelessly towards the development of knowledge, skills, and experience to become successful psychotherapists.

We hope that your experience with us helps to reduce the stigma associated with conversations about mental health and starts you on a path towards a richer and fuller life.